About Isa Grimes

Associate Partner, Marketing

Isa Grimes is an Associate Partner at Opus Three. He worked as the Head of Marketing at Human Longevity, where he developed digital, brand and engagement strategies to launch genomic sequencing tests as well as a health intelligence platform that integrates genomics and machine learning to empower an individual to live a longer healthier life. His previous work at Cognizant Technologies included serving as the Director of Marketing for all West Coast Life Sciences companies which included the likes of Abbott, Gilead, Amgen, Genentech, and Thermo Fisher. His leadership there drove digital engagement across multiple brands, commercial strategy, and product launch tactics utilizing mobile, social, e-mail, ad campaigns, SEO/SEM, display, and e-commerce channels.

Isa brings 16 years of experience from the global Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Entertainment, industries during which he was responsible across a range of functions including digital, brand, commercial, and e-commerce marketing. Isa is a dynamic digital transformation specialist with a passion for demand generation, product creativity and generating compelling brand experiences. Isa earned a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a Master’s of Business Administration with an emphasis on brand and digital marketing from Pepperdine University.