Commercialization Strategy

Commercialization Strategy

Our believe is that creating a successful product starts with the definition of its market and realistic assessment of the product’s potential impact on the market. Discerning market dynamics and crafting ideas for product positioning should be part of initial product development considerations. Thinking ahead leads to more focused decisions. We can help you research markets, design market access strategies, e.g. via key stakeholders and KOLs for early access programs, and identify other opportunities that will lead to a successful launch.

Representative Services

  • Creating value proposition relevant for payers
  • Design of health economics and outcomes-based research projects
  • Identification of real-world, payer focused research sites and opportunities
  • Evaluation of reimbursement environment

Typical Challenges we Encounter in Commercialization Strategy

  • Does my pivotal trial, designed for regulatory purposes also provide useful information for payers? If not, how can I integrate/generate data that is of interest to payers?
  • Is a health economic and outcomes research (HEOR) study needed to convince payers about the value of the product? How should this study be designed and where can it be conducted?
  • What is in the pipeline for indication X? Can I competitively position my product, e.g. using a biomarker?
  • Will reimbursement of the companion diagnostic test automatically follow reimbursement of the drug? Is it advisable to develop a companion diagnostic and what are potential other options?

Examples of Completed Assignments

  • Analysis of US reimbursement opportunities for Crohn’s Disease, NASH and NAFLD diagnostics
  • Health economic evaluation and payer strategy of novel renal therapy
  • Identification of market access strategy for new diagnostic via integrated health systems
  • Product positioning for new microbiome company
  • Population-based screening for pharmacogenetic applications, integration into national health care

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